Learning Ahead: Nov 17-21, 2014

Weekday community-based educational opportunities can be found throughout the four counties of Western MA all year long!

This week we are featuring 12 events that can be selected to support the interests and education of self-directed teens, homeschoolers and life-long learners:

Check our list of Weekly Suggested Events for our comprehensive list, including ongoing learning and play opportunities for younger children and intergenerational community events.

Berkshire County

All Week, 11am, 12:30pm & 2:30pm – ART/MUSEUM STUDIES: The Norman Rockwell Museum offers gallery orientation talks three times every day! An expert gallery guide will introduce visitors to the art and life of Norman Rockwell and the special highlights of the Museum’s collection. A docent lead tour of a museum offers patrons an interpretation of art on the wall and in the gallery as it relates to the visitor, sharing stories, interesting facts and figures and making connections between a piece of art and its surroundings. 413-298-4100. 9 Route 183. Stockbridge, MA (Museum Admission)

Monday, November 17, 1-1:45pm – MATH/GEOMETRY: Mathematics and Statistics Department Colloquium at Williams College will have a mini math session at the Bronfman Science Center. Benjamin Hoyle (’15) will present “The One Cut Theorem,” inviting participants to take their favorite polygon, draw it on a piece of paper, and through origami and geometry calculations show and explain how to remove the polygon with a single cut. How does this work? What mathematical principles are applied? 18 Hoxsey Street. Williamstown, MA (FREE)

Franklin County

Wednesday, November 19t, 6:30pm – ENERGY/SUSTAINABILITY: Fossil fuels are a finite resource, right? What if that no longer mattered? What if a new, incredibly abundant fossil fuel was discovered? Charles Mann will be at the Sunderland Public Library to discuss his article in the Atlantic on a new opportunity for a more abundant fossil fuel and what that may mean for the future – the good and bad. Charles Mann – What If We Never Run Out of Oil? 413-665-2642. Sunderland Public Library. 20 School Street. Sunderland, MA. (FREE)

Wednesday, November 19, 6:30pm-9:30pm – CREATIVITY/ACTIVISM: Art for a Change is a workshop series at the Art Garden focused on developing creative ideas and addressing issues that we as community members care about. This month’s theme is Climate Justice and Environmental Issues. This workshop would be best for older teens and adults who are interested in art and environmental activism. 413-625-2782. 4 Union Street. Shelburne Falls, MA. (FREE)

Hampshire County

Tuesday, November 18, 7pm-8:30pm – CONSERVATION/ANIMAL STUDIES: Learn about wildlife conservation in Kenya with the Hitchcock Center for the Environment and photographer Steve Upton. Upton will share photographs he took on a recent trip to Kenya and will discuss conservation efforts to protect them. Call to register. 413-256-6006. 525 South Pleasant Street. Amherst, MA. ($)

Tuesday, November 18, 7:30pm – DANCE STUDIES/CONTEMPORARY DANCE: Martha Graham Dance Company will perform at the UMass Fine Arts Center Concert Hall on November 18. Come see this contemporary dance company, which is one of the oldest and most celebrated, perform stunning dances. Best for older students interested in dance. Tickets available in advance. 413-545-2511. 151 Presidents Drive. Amherst, MA. ($$-$$$)

Thursday, November 20, 7pm-8:30pm – CLIMATE SCIENCE/ANIMAL STUDIES: Learn about climate change and what it means for animals with the Hitchcock Center for the Environment and naturalist Sue Morse at the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Hadley. Morse will discuss how northern wildlife species like Canada lynx, moose, American marten, caribou, polar bears, and others are being affected by climate change. Students of all ages can attend this program, which hopes to inspire people to work against climate change for the sake of these animals and our planet as a whole. 413-256-6006. 300 Westgate Center Drive. Hadley, MA. (DONATION)

Friday, November 21, 3:30pm-4:30pm – BOOK ARTS: Make your own mini book at the Forbes Library! All materials are provided, so just bring your sense of creativity and have fun making a miniature accordion book to take home or gift to someone for the holidays. 413-587-1011. 20 West Street. Northampton, MA. (FREE)

Friday, November 21, 7:30pm – MUSIC STUDIES/JAZZ: The Mt. Holyoke College Music Department presents Hot Jazz on a Cold Night, the annual winter concert performed by the Mount Holyoke Jazz Ensembles. Takes place in McCulloch Auditorium. 413-538-2306. Lower Lake Road. South Hadley, MA. (FREE)

Hampden County

Tuesday, November 18, 7pm – HISTORY: Learn about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy at Harmony Hall on November 18. The Palmer Historical Society presents a talk by Representative Todd Smola, who will discuss JFK’s lasting influence and share artifacts and memorabilia to teach about and commemorate him. Older students interested in American history would enjoy this talk, which would nicely supplement US history curriculum. There will also be a discussion on theories surrounding JFK’s assassination. 413-289-9295. 2072 Main Street. Three Rivers, MA. (DONATION)

Wednesday, November 19, 6:30-8pm – SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE: Learn more about what it means to “be a local hero” at Our Farms, Our Food: A panel discussion on the future of local food in Hampden County. Join CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture) for a panel discussion on the future of local agriculture and the local food movement in Hampden County. Discussions will center on the challenges and opportunities for farmers and consumers in regards to local food, hunger, and sustaining farm businesses and land. There will be a wide array of speakers representing different perspectives on the topic including Elizabeth O’Gilvie of Gardening the Community, Gene Kosinski of Kosinski Farms, Karen Randall of Randall’s Farm and Greenhouse, and Margaret Christie of CISA. For more information or to RSVP, visit www.buylocalfood.org. You may also contact Claire Morenon at 413-665-7100 ext. 16 with any questions. Holyoke Senior Center, 291 Pine Street. Holyoke, MA. (FREE, RSVP by 11/17).

Thursday, November 20, 12:15pm – ART HISTORY/CULTURAL STUDIES: This week’s Museums a la Carte lecture at the Michele and Donald D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts is, “Native American Fantasy: An Exploration of Art and Music,” by Professor Jack P. Brin. The program is about the expulsion of eastern tribes to west of the Mississippi River and the artists and composers who studied these tribes. Best for older students interested in history, art, and music. 800-625-7738. 21 Edwards Street. Springfield, MA. (>$)

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