Recap Map: Western MA Weekend Summary & Family Guide for June 7th & 8th , 2014

Here’s a recap of news and information posted on Hilltown Families this past week, along with a map for finding out what’s happening this weekend and next week throughout Western MA!


Peruse our list of Suggested Events for June 7th-June 13th, 2014 for a comprehensive list of events happening throughout the four counties of Western MA, including Bulletin Board Announcements & Hilltown Family Variety Show.

Also check our weekly column, Learn Local. Play Local. for 28 Community Highlights: Aviation to Yo-Yos. Vintage Music to Bioblitz and our column, Berkshire Family Fun: June 2014, for a list of premier educational and cultural highlights in Berkshire County for families.

For your summer plans, our 2014 Summer Camps and Programs in Western MA has a list of over 50 summer camps & programs!

June 7th-June 13th, 2014

Saturday • Sunday
Monday • Tuesday • Wednesday • Thursday • Friday

Aviation/Aerodynamics ♦ Community Meal ♦ Civic Engagement ♦ Entomology ♦ Plant Studies ♦Ornithology ♦ Nature Studies ♦ Local History ♦Farming & Food ♦ River Ecology ♦ Local Music History ♦ STEM ♦ Cultural Studies ♦ Citizen Scientist/Biology


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