Earth Day Feature: Unique Recycling Programs

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Three Unique Recycling Programs

Unidentified keys, trophies from the early 80’s & broken crayons… these three things can clutter up your junk drawer, attics, and art supplies. Here are three unique recycling programs that recycle all three of these items for good causes. Gather items together with your kids, ask your neighbors if they have any to contribute too, then package up and ship off. These teaching moments can spark conversations with your kids about the importance of recycling and help others:

  • Trophy Recycling Program: Do you have old trophies cluttering up your attic from your days of glory? Did you know there is a Trophy Recycling Program you can donate those beauties to support non-profit organizations? Find out how you can conduct a Trophy Recycling Drive and collect trophies to be passed along rather than ending up in a landfill or on the free table at your next tag sale!
  • Keys for Kindness: How many old, unidentified keys can your kids find in your junk drawer? Have them take a look, pull them out, and mail them off to Keys for Kindness. Every key mailed in goes towards raising money for M.S., and is an excellent way to recycle keys from previous cars, unused locks, and unknown origins!
  • National Crayon Recycling Program: Did you know there is a National Crayon Recycling Program that families, schools, daycares, restaurants, etc. can send their unwanted, broken and rejected crayons to for recycling?  Find out how this program works and how you can set up a crayon collect in your local school, library, or community center.

Looking for more ideas? Local families in western Massachusetts offer helpful tips showing that it IS easy being green. Here are over 10 suggestions on how to celebrate Earth Day and make each day a little greener: Families in Western MA Offer Earth Day Eco-Tips. Get inspired and share your own idea and inspire others!


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