Teach with Movies: Pairing Films with Learning Guides & Lesson Plans

Teach with Movies

Teach with Movies encompass more than 390 Learning Guides and lesson plans, as well as articles on using movies to further education.

Children love stories, and they love to learn from them. Stories take many different forms – they might be found in a picture book, told aloud from memory, read in a chapter book, or played out in real life, on a stage, or on a screen. Wherever they come from, stories help children to learn about the world around them. As adults, we make a conscious effort to help our children recognize what they’ve learned from a story, and the most common place to find stories meant for learning is in a book – but there are stories all around us, just waiting for their educational value to be taken advantage of!

Using resources offered by Teach with Movies, families can utilize the educational potential found in hundreds of movies for kids of all ages. Offering support specifically designed for parents, teachers and homeschooling families, Teach with Movies’ site is filled with movie guides that include ideas for lessons, conversation starters, follow-up activities, and more – all designed to encourage and support students’ learning…

Praised by national media outlets (including Education Week), Teach with Movies’ resources are designed with screentime-conscious parents and teachers in mind. They have even created developmentally appropriate play-and-learn lessons for young children. Additionally, there are many movie guides available for films that are based on books – and these guides include a study of the literature that inspired the movie. Families can compare and contrast the stories presented in both the text and screen versions, and can learn about film-making by considering the strategies used to convey the non-visual ideas, emotions, and sensory experiences included in the story.

In working to offer resources for learners of all ages, Teach with Movies’ resources cover nearly every genre of film – from silly cartoons to serious documentaries, and everything in between. There are even short films and clips to be studied! To find age- and subject-appropriate films, families can search through Teach with Movies’ database by using one of twelve indexes , organized into categories such as social-emotional learning, moral/ethical emphasis, subject matter, and grade level.

Perhaps the best part of Teach with Movies’ offerings is that they’re all available to download for free! By borrowing movies from a library, families can ensure that they’ll be able to learn from the rich and interesting stories presented in a film without having to pay.

One Comment on “Teach with Movies: Pairing Films with Learning Guides & Lesson Plans

  1. I love this line: “There are even short films and clips to be studied!”


    Seeing clips of movies, I can understand. But this organization seems to be promoting the idea of watching the full film more than watching segments. Schools are already using class time showing whole movies, and I think this is, at best, questionable. Most kids see an awful lot of screen time, including plenty of movies and TV at home or at a friend’s. I wonder sometimes if teachers aren’t using movies to give themselves a break. It especially galls me when a teacher shows a Hollywood version of a book I haven’t read yet to my kids — :”Stuart Little” comes to mind, and I understand it, that wasn’t such a great film.
    I’ve told teachers to call me when they’re getting ready to pop in a DVD, and I’ll pick up my kid if I can, and we’ll play outside or read together.

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