TED-Ed Clubs: Supporting Students & Their Big Ideas!

Bring TED to Your Classroom or Community-Based Educational Group with TED-Ed Clubs!

Kids are full of great ideas of all sizes. They invent new games, build ornate miniature structures, make beautiful and fascinating art, and have refreshing – and often wise – insight on many of life’s challenges. In order to promote the continuation of this creativity from childhood into the tween- and teenage years, Ted-Ed has created Ted-Ed Clubs, a platform that allows students with age-appropriate access to the TEDx idea-sharing network!

All around the world, people are using TEDx to inform others about their experiences, inventions, and ideas (including Hilltown Families), and with TED-Ed Clubs, participation in the network has become much more accessible to students. Open to kids ages 8-18, Ted-Ed Clubs are centered around encouraging students’ creativity, reinforcing their confidence in their original ideas, and teaching students how to effectively share these thoughts – with their club members, and with the world.

Bringing a Ted-Ed Club to your community is fairly simple – clubs must have at least five members, and require an adult facilitator. Interested parents, teachers, group leaders, and others working with kids can apply online to begin a Ted-Ed Club, and will, once the club has been created, gain access to resources that will aid with club facilitation…

Participation in a Ted-Ed Club can have many benefits for students of all ages. Young students will gain valuable practice in learning to accurately convey their thoughts and ideas, while older students will be able to hone their skills in public speaking. Similarly, the clubs can serve as the point of inspiration for young students, who may realize through the process of creating a presentation that they have a particular interest in a topic. Older students can use the opportunity to share their ideas as a chance to deepen them – to work on getting at the core of whatever it is they’ve imagined, discovered, or uncovered.

Already implemented all over the world, Ted-Ed Clubs are helping students to do great things. Students in Lithuania have used participation in their Ted-Ed Club as a way to practice speaking English, high schoolers in New Jersey have begun focusing on ways to show gratitude in their school community through work done in their Ted-Ed Club, and here in Massachusetts, teenage scientists have taken self-motivation and inquiry to a new level and have used their Ted-Ed Club as a means for sharing their scientific discoveries.

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