HFVS Latin Music Episode with Guest DJ, Andrés Salguero (Radio Show/Podcast)

Hilltown Family Variety Show

Latin Music Episode
with Guest DJ, Andrés Salguero


Get ready to travel around the Americas with Andrés Salguero from ¡Uno, Dos, Tres con Andrés!. On today´s episode we will hear Latin music coming from different countries in Latin America and even the USA. We will learn the instruments on a Mariachi band, an important rhythm known as “Clave”, what are the three cultures present in Latin music and much more! – www.123andres.com

Saturday from 9-10am & Sunday from 7-8am
March 8th & 9th, 2014
WXOJ LP – 103.3 FM – Valley Free Radio
Northampton, MA

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  • Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco – “Quimbara” [Anthology: Celia Cruz]
  • Comunidad Pachamama – “Huayño” [Wayra: Music of the Yampara and Charkas Indians]
  • Tupay – “La Saya” – [América Latina]
  • Carlos Gardel – “Mi Buenos Aires querido” – [Remasterizado año 2010]
  • Mariana Iranzi – “Milonga Temprana” – [Aventura Collage]
  • ¡Uno, Dos, Tres con Andrés! – “If I Had a Mariachi” [¡Uno, Dos, Tres con Andrés!]
  • Grupo Afrocuba de Matanzas – “Las Leyendas de Grecia” [Raíces Latinas]
  • ¡Uno, Dos, Tres con Andrés! – “La Clave” [¡Uno, Dos, Tres con Andrés!]
  • Juan Luis Guerra – “‘Ojalá que llueva café” [Éxitos]
  • Prince Royce – “Stand By Me” [Prince Royce]
  • Atención Atención – “Había un sapo” [Vamos a Bailar]
  • Totó La Momposina y Sus Tambores – “Curura” [La Candela Viva]
  • Mexican Institute of Sound – “Cumbia Meguro” [Político]
  • João Gilberto – “O Pato” [The Warm World of João Gilberto]
  • ¡Uno, Dos, Tres con Andrés! – “Salta, Salta” [¡Uno, Dos, Tres con Andrés!]

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