New Filmmakers Series at Historic Northampton

New Filmmakers Series at Historic Northampton
Sunday, November 10th

The challenges of parenting are not unique to any particular culture or geographical location. Raising children (and being raised) includes some of the same obstacles no matter where you live, and these challenges cross cultures, continents, and generations. However, it is in approaching these obstacles that we perhaps learn the most about ourselves, our children, our parents, and our relationships with one another.

Historic Northampton is hosting a screening of two films that address this idea in two very different ways. Fast Forward: New Filmmakers at Historic Northampton includes work by Masami Kawai and Sasha Hsuczyk, women whose films examine their own relationships with their mother’s. Held on Sunday, November 10th at 3pm, the screening addresses themes of immigration, migrant labor, and mother-daughter relationships…

Kawai’s piece, titled Whose Dream? Which Cut? is a personal documentary that chronicles her efforts to convince her mother to become a labor activist. Paired with background information about historic labor alliances between Japanese and Mexican workers, Kawai’s story is specific to the context of her experiences but, ultimately, addresses a common lesson: to recognize that others have different perspectives, and to respectfully and peacefully allow this to be so – which Kawai learns is the best way to approach the subject with her mother.

18 Mile Beach, Hsuczyk’s short experimental piece, explores mother-daughter relationships in her family across generational and cultural differences. Pieced together using film shot in China in 1968 by Hsuczyk’s grandfather – alongside portions of a recent interview with her mother – the film examines Chinese heritage through the lens of the filmmaker’s (and her mother’s) experience as a Chinese-American.

Best for older students, the screening presents an opportunity for those interested in modern immigration to gather firsthand information about the experiences of mother/daughter relationships from different cultural backgrounds. While immigration is not the main topic in either film, both address the challenges of differing cultural backgrounds and illustrate the generational changes that take place amongst immigrants and their children and grandchildren.

For more information about the event, call Historic Northampton at 413-584-6011. The Historic Northampton Museum and Education Center is located at 46 Bridge Street in Northampton.

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