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World Travel via WebCams

One fun was to use EarthCam is to plan your viewing with an upcoming event. For example, travel to historic Gettysburg on Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 at 3pm by viewing the Gettysburg Battlefield Cam to see a live reenactment (with sound) in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War!

Summer vacation is the perfect time of year to expose kids to new places – there is so much for them to learn about, and there are so many beautiful and historical places worldwide and nationwide that you could visit! However, if jet-setting around the globe isn’t in your family’s plans this year, don’t fret! It’s possible to see locations all around the country – and even the globe! – without ever having to leave your home via webcams. Visit Moscow over breakfast, Texas at lunchtime, and the United Kingdom (for a spot of tea!) in the evening – for free!

EarthCam, an international webcam network, offers live streams of skylines, beaches, countryside, and more all day long. Along with views of scenic city- and landscapes, EarthCam also offers videos of construction projects, extreme weather, animals, and people. Peek into the inside of the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas to learn about flashy Vegas culture, or watch a highway overpass get replaced….the possibilities are endless, and there are webcams to accompany studies of almost any topic.

Students of all ages can supplement studies of geography, science, history, and more by taking a look at locations around the world. Pick a family favorite and watch the changes in a neighborhood over time, or compare foreign landscapes to your own while enjoying an international vacation without ever leaving your house!

Not sure where to begin?  Check out their Popular, Top Ten and New or pick a country by using their world map. You could also narrow down your search according to theme, like Entertainment, Traffic, Animals & Zoos, Weather or Weird & Bizarre… Or take it all in at

EarthCam has also compiled their footage of the construction of various landmarks into short videos, like the construction of the World Trade Center in NYC:

Check out their Official EarthCam Channel on YouTube for more time-lapse videos of various construction projects too.  If you have a young architect in your brood, these videos are a fun and valuable way they can watch an idea come to life.

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