Plainfield Historical Society Offers Online Resource, Rich Hilltown History!

Plainfield Historical Society Unveils Website Full of Local History

“In 2003 the Plainfield Historical Society acquired a 1.5 acre parcel along the Mill Brook in Plainfield where there’s a story waiting to be told. The Plainfield mill site contains remnants of three mill foundations that date from the early 19th century through the first decade of the 20th century Thanks to the Historical Society’s conservation effort, the public will soon be able to visit the trio of mill site remains, which illustrate the technological innovation and basic evolution of early water-powered industry in Massachusetts.” – Source: Plainfield Massachusetts Historical Society

Bring local history to life as you plan family activities for the summer! Thanks to Plainfield resident, Lori Austion, The  Plainfield Historical Society has recently unveiled their new website (  Although a work in progress, it’s filled with a rich amount of information on local historical sites and homes, notable former community members in the Hilltowns, and self-guided historical tours that history buffs of all ages can participate in!

Studying local history can be an incredibly enriching and experience for students of all ages that nurtures a sense of place. For younger students, a look at community history provides learning opportunities where kids can physically experience the historical places that they learn about. Older students can benefit from such studies, too, as it will help them to put broad knowledge of American and world history into a local context – they will learn how larger scale changes and events affected their own community and physical surroundings.

The historical society’s resources include biographical information about notable folks such as author Ralph Ellison, poet William Cullen Bryant, country doctor Samuel Shaw, and historian Martha Lamb. The Inventory of Historic Homes in Plainfield offers information about numerous barns, the Shaw/Hudson House, and Plainfield Congregational Church. Families can also use the Hidden Walls, Hidden Mills tours to spend some time outside exploring the history hidden amongst modern Plainfield’s roads and homes.

Created to educate residents and visitors on the many historical happenings in Plainfield, parents and educators of all kinds can benefit from the resources available on the website. Even kids can easily access the historical society’s offerings, as the site is organized in an easy-to-use format. Take a trip back in time this summer while learning about your community!

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