Online Resources to Support East Asian Studies

Online Resources to Support East Asian Studies

Creating lessons and finding materials to support students’ learning can be easy if you’re working on a popular topic, like the Revolutionary War or simple machines. Finding resources for less commonly studied topics can prove much more difficult, though!

Studies of east Asian culture and history can be particularly difficult to teach, as it is a topic not often included in curriculum guides or textbooks, and even if it is mentioned, it is generally only in high school level materials. However, thanks to the Five College Consortium, educators can find a wealth of easily accessible internet-based resources for teaching and learning about all things fascinating in eastern Asia. The Five Colleges’ website offers a categorized list filled with information-rich links – there’s everything from Asian news websites to web-page activities, travel information to online galleries of east Asian art: Online Resources to Support K-14 East Asian Studies.

The resources are broken down by country, topic, and purpose, and can be used by educators working with kids in grades K-12 (or older!), and homeschoolers of all ages. Some of the resources are best for educators to learn from before planning lessons, while others offer student-friendly formats. Integrating some web-based learning into a unit can not only broaden the scope of learning materials, but it can help students develop basic computer skills while working on a structured project.

For more opportunities to support east Asian studies, visit the Smith College Museum of Art, where an exhibit titled Collecting Art of Asia is on display in the galleries through May 26th, 2013.

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