Spreading Kindness on MLK Day of Service

Practicing Consideration of Others on Martin Luther King Day of Service… and Everyday!

It’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service! If you’re looking for a way your family can participate in this day of service, it can be as big as joining a community celebration with service and learning opportunities (check out our post, 6 Ways to Observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in Western MA), and it can be as small as a simple act of kindness to others.

One of our readers sent us this video, “Give a Little Love,” which has gone viral, inspiring families by illustrating how consideration of others can spread to many:

In The Huffington Post article, “Give A Little Love: Video Shows Us The Importance Of Giving To Others,” they write: “‘If you give a little love, you can get a little love of your own.’ Using this quote as the inspiration for a video that has gone viral, this four-minute clip, which looks to be the work of non-profit Christian organization Křižovatka Olomouc in Czech Republic or talented YouTube user Graham Kervin, shows us the importance of doing good deeds.  And a good deed can mean anything from holding the elevator for a stranger, helping your neighbour rake leaves or even cleaning up a spill in the office kitchen.”

Gather your kids around to screen this clip together, pointing out how a simple act of kindness from one person can spread to many… A great thing to think about and to put into practice on Martin Luther King Day of Service.

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  1. My kids were inspired by this video so we decided to make cards and paper flowers to give to a few people and business’ in our town that are important in our lives and that we wanted to appreciate. What a great way to spend an afternoon!

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