Young Scientist Challenge: Encouraging Students to Share Their Passion for Science

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Everything that we do has some science behind it. Everyday tasks, like the simple act of boiling water for tea and riding a bicycle, are all powered by scientific principles, offering us a wide array of possibilities for further innovation and change. 

Curious about how something works or interested in making a discovery? Research it, and make it happen! Students in grades 5-8 are invited to do just that by participating in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. The challenge asks students to create a short video explaining a solution they’ve found to a problem related to how we work, play, or relax. 

Students should understand the science behind the solution, whether related to physics and architectural design, chemistry and food science, or biology and our own changing bodies.

The challenge presents students with an opportunity to provide scientific innovation, just as a career scientist would. Such a project will help students learn skills for applying their science knowledge, encourage students to pay close attention to detail in their everyday lives, and help them feel empowered to create and discover.

Prizes include a mentorship with a 3M scientist, a $25,000 cash prize, and more. But whether or not students win the challenge, the process of creating a project to submit can be a valuable learning opportunity in itself. For more information, visit, where educators will find Teacher Tools to fuel student excitement about science, including lesson plans, videos, & interactives., along with family activities. a

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