Mothers and Daughters Invited to Participate and Create Speeches for International Women’s Day

A Celebration of Speech

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Women’s Voices Worldwide, Inc. invites you to visit downtown Northampton, MA to witness a celebration of women’s speech from past to present. Through historical re-enactments, contemporary speeches, musical performances, and a celebratory reception, people of all ages and backgrounds will join together to recognize and honor the importance of women’s voices in the world.

Women all ages have powerful voices – and lots to say!  Women’s perspectives on everything from politics to human rights, sustainability to public education are crucial to sound policy making and cultural change.  Historically, women have put up a strong fight in order to make their voices heard – and Women’s Voices Worldwide is celebrating their voices and inviting girls and women to participate.

Women, teens and girls can craft and submit original speeches for “Celebration of Speech,” an event scheduled to take place  in Northampton, MA on March 8th, 2013 – International Women’s Day!  Submissions should be no more than 500-1000 words in length, and should be inspired by the prompts provided by the organization, focusing on the importance and power of women’s voices.

Girls ages 8-13yo are prompted with two questions: Why do girls matter? Why I love my voice.

Teens and women are prompted with three: What women’s voices aren’t being heard? Why is there a need for women’s voices?  What changes are needed for women’s voices to be heard?

Participating in the event can be an incredibly powerful experience for both women and girls alike.  Public speaking requires a lot of confidence and conviction, and is an excellent skill for young girls to learn.  Speaking out about such an important topic is a great opportunity for girls to practice their public speaking skills – the topic is familiar to them, and they can use their own firsthand experience, thoughts, and ideas in order to support their speech.  Participating in the Celebration of Speech can help girls and teens understand feminist ideals and learn about the women’s history by the powerful speeches they have given.

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