Online and Local Resources Following Newtown Tragedy

Candlelight vigils are being held in several towns around Western MA tonight, including Amherst, Agawam, and Cummington.

Our hearts go out to the families and community in Newtown, CT. Following Friday’s tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, parents might find themselves in need to gather, grieve and support one another and the families in CT. Share or find both online and local support shared by Hilltown Families readers via the Hilltown Families Facebook Page:


Wondering how to address this tragedy with your kids? Please find/share online resources HERE.


Hillary Bucs writes, “Can you post if you hear of any local candlelight vigils or public gatherings in which we can come together as parents to deal with the grief.” – Please share (and find out about) events/suggestions HERE.

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  1. Here is the information regarding a Motherwomen event that is evolving:


    With such heavy hearts…..We at MotherWoman are stricken with grief and outrage by the unspeakable tragedy last Friday morning. No mother should ever have to endure this anguish and pain and yet so close to us so many are. How to respond? How to send love?
    Please join us on FRIDAY DEC 21st for a community gathering to
    grieve, sing, be together, and send our love, solidarity and support to the moms in CT who have been in hearts since last Friday. We will send details about where (probably Northampton) and when (probably in the morning) as soon as we find out.
    If you would like to help out, please let us know. Peace.

  2. Charlemont Federated Church, Main Street Charlemont will host a Candlelight Vigil tonight on the steps of the church starting at 5pm. ALL ARE WELCOME!

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