Build a Gingerbread Home to Benefit Habitat for Humanity

Build a House Out of Gingerbread for Habitat for Humanity

On December 8th, from 2-4:30, at the Eastworks Building in Easthampton, teams of families, children, and professionals will build gingerbread homes to raise money for Habitat. River Valley Market Co-op is donating the gingerbread home pieces and the frosting “glue.” Every team is asked to raise at least $100 for their build. After the Build, teams have the option to donate their houses to Habitat, which auction them to raise additional funds. Register your team(s) by November 21st by emailing (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity (PVHH) is hosting a gingerbread house competition on Dec. 8th in Easthampton, MA.  Teams of gingerbread architects are asked to raise $100 for PVHH from their community in order to participate in the event, and will be provided with gingerbread pieces and frosting donated by River Valley Market Co-op with which to create their gingerbread homes or historical building!

Each team should bring their own edible decorations (the more unique, the better!) with which to dress their gingerbread structure.  Youth teams can be formed too with at least one adult team member, practicing basic principles of architecture and explorations of spatial relations… all while being creative!  Teams can pick a theme in which to decorate their house, or pick a home or historic building to model their gingerbread structures after.

Pastry arts is a fun creative medium!  Families can compete together as a team, making the event part of their holiday celebrations – spend time discussing the role that Habitat for Humanity plays in the community, and discuss how the money raised in order to participate will benefit the organization.  Kids will enjoy participating even more once they understand the true value of the event!

The gingerbread build will take place at 2pm on December 8th at the Eastworks Building in Easthampton.  Community members not participating are invited to stop by at 4pm to view the creations and bid on a house to take home!  Teams can register before the event via phone (413-586-5430) or e-mail ( – groups with members under the age of 12 must include at least one adult.

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  1. FOR 2013

    Gingerbread Build Contest Teams Sign up by Nov. 21st, 2013
    To Benefit Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity

    (Florence, MA, November 7, 2013) Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity will be hosting their annual Gingerbread Build Contest fundraising event, Saturday, December 7th from 12-5 pm at the Eastworks Building, 116 Pleasant St., Easthampton, MA. People of all ages, in groups of four, can form teams raising money through pledges. Donation entries are at least $100 per team. The fun begins when the teams decorate their gingerbread. Teams are made up of children, families, and even business colleagues.

    The Eastworks Building has donated the space in their Community Room for this event. There is easy access from the parking lot and it is handicapped accessible.

    The River Valley Market of Northampton is donating dozens of gingerbread houses in the form of gingerbread ‘pieces’ and frosting. Contestants will show up to enjoy building their houses and decorate according to their imaginations.

    Entry to the event is free. Teams need to register by November 21st by calling 413.586.5430 or email

    Every dollar raised at the Gingerbread Build Contest goes to build affordable homes for low-income families in Pioneer Valley. PVH will be breaking ground in the spring to build two homes on East Street in Easthampton, as a Women Build project, with more homes to be built in the near future on Everett Street.

    PVH serves Hampshire and Franklin Counties; they seek to eliminate homelessness and substandard housing by making decent affordable shelter a matter of conscience and action for all people. PVH builds homes with volunteer labor and donations of material, supplies, land, and services. PVH then sells each home with a no-interest mortgage to a low-income family. The family becomes an active Habitat partner contributing many hours of sweat equity during the construction of their home. Since 1989, thirty-four families have become homeowners in the valley through Habitat’s work. For information about volunteering with Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity, becoming a Habitat homeowner, or making a donation call the Pioneer Valley Habitat office at 413-586-5430.

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