Western MA Libraries Organize Community Alternatives to Holiday Consumerism and Consumption

Holidays are a Time to Give and Regift

Western MA libraries offer youth patrons a chance to focus on giving and not just receiving during the holiday season.

During the holiday season many Western MA libraries organize community alternatives to holiday consumerism and consumption while enabling their youth patrons to think about giving rather than just receiving for the holidays.

For over 20 years the Dickinson Memorial Library in Northfield has hosted an annual Children’s Holiday Bazaar for their youth patrons. For several months leading up to the bazaar the library asks town residents to donate small items to be regifted during the bazaar (donations of gift bags, wrap, tags and tape are welcomed too). On the day of the bazaar the children’s room is transformed into a pop-up shop where kids ages 5-11 years old may shop for their family. All gifts are 50-cents,  gift wrapping included. During the bazaar parents are not allowed into the room and younger children are escorted by their very own personal shoppers – 6th graders and National Honor Society volunteers.  This year the Children’s Holiday Bazaar happens on Saturday, December 8th from 10am-12noon.

Newer to this regifting tradition is the Meekins Market at the Meekins Library in Williamsburg, now in its fifth year!  All patrons are welcome to both shop at and donate to the Meekins Market, which begins in late November and runs through December.  The market is a special in-house tag sale where families will find lots of small (and not so small) inexpensive recycled gifts to give friends and family. It’s a great place for children to find presents to give their parents, grandparents and teachers. Library patrons can stop in and shop (or donate items for regifting) any time during library hours. For more information call: 413-538-6489 or 413-268-7472.

Does your library have a holiday tradition, new or old, you’d like to share?  We’d love to hear!  All of these great traditions and ideas are an inspiration for communities both in and outside our region!

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