Election Day Family Traditions

Election Day, 2012!

Looking for an online resource that makes civics fun?  Check out iCivics where kids can learn about a number of civics subjects, including freedom of speech, public policy and state and local government.  Common Sense Media writes, ” iCivics is a safe, educational site designed to help kids learn (and teachers teach) about civics topics, including democracy, constitutional law, the branches of government, elections, and campaigns. Using engaging, interactive games and innovative educational materials, the site aims to prepare American kids to become knowledgeable, engaged citizens of the 21st century.”  Check it out at www.icivics.org.

Tuesday is Election Day, a great day to engage your kids in civics!

  • Sienna Wildfield: “I’m taking my daughter! It’s a great opportunity to model civic engagement… plus, in our town they still use the old fashion hand-crank ballot boxes. I can sneak in a little history lesson in there too!”
  • Carrie St John: “We go together! We get there when the polls open at 7am just like I did with my parents as a child then out to breakfast.”
  • Rebecca Trow Addison: “I am dropping off food for the bake sale in the morning. IF the polls are open when I drop off then I will vote then, otherwise I will pick up my daughter from school and bring her with me to vote. We have the hand-crank ballot boxes too.”
  • Heather Richardson: “Both of my boys are going…it’s no school day for us.”
  • Heather Dunham Katsoulis: “We’ll be bringing our daughter to vote as well. I like the idea of going for breakfast afterwards.”
  • Meg Lefkowitz: “We are going as a family. I want my children to be as involved as possible so they will feel motivated to vote when they are of age.”

Do you have an Election Day family tradition?  Maybe starting a new one this year?  Share your old or new traditions, or what you remember about Election Day when you were a child!

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