Hatfield Library Issues Patrons a Reading Challenge for Family Literacy Month!

Hatfield Public Library Ups the Ante on Reading Challenge

Cheri Hardy, Children’s Librarian at the Hatfield Public Library writes:

From January to May of 2012, the Hatfield Public Library challenged the citizens of Hatfield to read 100,000 pages. By the middle of March (only half-way through the challenge) Hatfield’s prolific readers had exceeded the goal! The final count was 163,600 pages. This Fall, the library is raising the stakes.

In honor of Family Literacy Month, the month of November will contain a larger challenge than ever before: 75,000 pages in 28 days. Reading enthusiasts must work together to read 2,680 pages per day to reach the town goal. Snuggle up as the weather gets cold and read aloud to one another—each person may separately count the pages they read! Library patrons of all ages may participate.

Opportunities to earn “pages” outside of books include attendance at Pre- school Storytime on Thursday mornings at 11am, as well as Lit Games booklets to take home. The library has word games, such as Scrabble and Bananagrams, on a temporary basis for in-library use.

On Wednesday, November 28th at 6pm, the Hatfield Public Library will host a book discussion. Participants will separate into age groups (children, teens, and adults) and spend thirty minutes sharing and discussing books read during the challenge. Young children may bring their favorite book from the month and Children’s Librarian Cheri will compile the books into a storytime for them. Adults are welcome to remain for the regular Book Club meeting at 6:30pm. For more details about the Family Literacy Month Challenge or other programs at the Hatfield Public Library, visit the library website: hatfieldpubliclibrary.org or the children’s web- site: hatfieldkids.wordpress.com.

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