Northampton’s ReUse Rally for the Arts: A Family Friendly Affair!

Northampton’s ReUse Rally for the Arts
October 13, 2012
JFK Middle School in Florence

Bring the whole family to the ReUse Rally for the Arts on Saturday, Oct. 13 from 9am-2pm at the JFK Middle School in Florence. Not only will artists be showing and selling their 75% + reusable materials creations from baby shoes to felted bags, bottle cap earrings to tin can lights, but a dozen of them will demonstrate their work right at their tables. And ten will be giving hands on workshops!

What can you make out of a paper towel roll?  Can old keys who’ve lost their locks be put to good use?  And what about that broken lamp in your attic?  All of these things – and more! – can become beautiful artwork when contributed to that materials stashes of artists participating in Northampton’s ReUse Rally for the Arts!

This free event take place on Saturday, October 13th at JFK Middle School (100 Bridge Road in Florence) from 9am-2pm, and features an art show, demonstrations, and workshops for all ages centered around the theme of re-using, re-cycling, and “upcycling” materials for creative purposes!

Professional reuse artists will show and sell their work. These participating artists create everything from felted bags to creative furniture, sculptures to collages, medallions to lamps, and more!  Families can explore the show featuring a wide variety of works (in so many different media!) browsing through tables of creations for sale, see artists demonstrating their skills and creativity, and take part in art-making activities and skillshare demonstrations and workshops.

There are activities for families of all ages – kids ages 8yo and older can learn to sew boots, teens and tweens can make a simple wooden box, supervised kids with good motor skills can learn to carve rocks, and kids of all ages can paint, sculpt wire, and create costumes to their heart’s content! Artist and art teacher, Robert Hepner, will have his Wandering Carnival  Truck in the parking lot for children ages 4yo and up (with adult supervision) will be able to play with interactive sculptures, trash percussion, and outfit igloos on this wild and zany rig.

The event offers inspiration for eco-friendly creative expression, as well as chances to learn unique and interesting skills.  Plus, it’s a great opportunity to pick up handmade, recycled gifts for the holidays!

For more information, visit If you have materials you would like to donate, or you’re interested in volunteering at the event, contact coordinator Deborah Jane Slavitt at Check out the artist’s wishlist for materials they are seeking for future artworks!

Artist Workshops & Demonstrations: 

Sharon Raymond: 9am-2pm
How to Make Snugz Boots for Children Out of Recycled Materials
Learn how to hand stitch warm boots to donate to children.  For ages 8+ who can sew a neat running stitch.  Workshop ongoing throughout the day.

Macey Faiella: 9am-2pm
Make and Take Craft
Learn how to turn a CD jewel box into a cool art object.  Participants of any age.  Workshop ongoing throughout the day.

Robert Hepner: 9am-2pm
Wandering Carnival Truck, in the parking lot
Play with interactive sculptures, trash percussion, and outfit igloos on this wild and zany rig.  Open to ages 4 to adult with parental supervision.  Workshop ongoing throughout the day.

Trent Guihan: 9am-2pm
Wooden Boxes
Assemble a small box with hand tools.  For ages 10+ with parental supervision.

David Boles: 9am-2pm
Carve River Stone
Carve river stone from Greenfield.  15- 30 minutes with parental supervision

Robert Markey: 10am
Wire Sculpture
Create wonderful wire sculptures by molding scrap wire.  For any age.  Children under 8 need supervision.

Don Farron: 11am
Carve a Coin with Woodcock Studio
Use hand tools to carve your own metal coin.  For ages 18+.

Dorothy Garlo: 12noon
Broken Barn Board Painting
Paint your own picture on a barn board and add a hanger for display.  Ages 3+ with parental supervision.

Deborah Slavitt: 1pm
No Sew Costumes
Create a Halloween costume without sewing a stitch.  All ages with adult participation.

Artist Demos at their Tables:

  • Dave Giese, show tools used for building deconstruction
  • Marsha Lieberman – big fabric jacket pins; kits will be available
  • Dee Dee Garlo, painting on wood
  • Nathalie Lewis, hand made books
  • Bob Markey, wire sculpture
  • Judy Kahooti, wall pouches from toilet paper rolls
  • Deborah Jane Slavitt, free form crochet hats
  • Katie Cavacco, baby booties
  • Debbie Kates, upcycled clothing and bags
  • Lou Leelyn, plastic bag creations
  • Mary Lynne Boisvert, upcycled clothing and home accessories
  • Jeff Weeks, lamps

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