Discover Holyoke Day Celebrates Art, History & Culture

Discover Holyoke Day
Saturday, October 13th

On Saturday, October 13, PassportHolyoke is organizing a city-wide celebration of art, culture and history. More than 20 active members collaborate to stimulate tourism and economic growth within and beyond the city of Holyoke. Its goal is to provide activities and resources for residents and visitors alike to build a vibrant community. Activities will take place at 5 main city locations: Holyoke Heritage State Park, Wistariahurst Museum, Open Square, Victory Theatre and The Winter Palace Theater.

The city of Holyoke has so many resources and so much rich, interesting history – celebrate all that the community has to offer on Saturday, October 13th with PassportHolyoke! The organization’s annual Discover Holyoke Day celebrates history, art, and culture at locations throughout the city.

With a wristband (available for just $1), families can see performances by the Massachusetts Academy of Ballet and the Holyoke Civic Symphony at Open Square, see a play presented by Enchanted Circle Theater or watch a dance demonstration at the Holyoke Creative Arts Center, explore a train on the rails at Heritage State Park, and visit the Children’s Museum, Merry-Go-Round, and the Volleyball Hall of Fame… for free or discounted admissions!

There will also be a farmers’ market featuring  seasonal local produce, demonstrations and shows of art throughout the day, chances to get a tutorial on the Wistariahurst Museum’s new online Holyoke History Walk, and discounts for wristband wearers at the Electric Cafe (whose numerous delicious offerings include creme brulee french toast!).

The event ends with the Holyoke Latin Jazz Festival – bringing a full night of music, dance, and culture!  Families can learn more about their community by taking part in the event – kids can explore the city, visit historic sites and museums, see art and performance by talented locals, and celebrate a great city!  For more information, visit

[Photo credit: (ccl) MA Office of Travel & Tourism]

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  1. Why is there no similar Holyoke Day here in Philadelphia? Attending a festival like event is always so much fun and Philadelphia is so boring.

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