DVD Giveaway: The Complete Series of The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus: The Complete Series

The Magic School Bus celebrates the excellent idea of field trips as a vehicle for supplementing the education of children outside of the classroom, but Ms. Frizzle takes it even further combining magic with science for animated adventures sure to enrich the learning of science with elementary children. This complete series of all 52 episodes is a resource all teachers and parents will benefit from having it in their DVD collections. Selecting episodes to supplement curriculum in the classroom or interests at home will add enthusiasm and adventures to various fields of science.

Not many children’s brands can stand the test of time, entertaining and educating multiple generations. The Magic School Bus, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, is one such brand. This month the Emmy Award winning TV series has been re-launcehd to DVD, The Magic School Bus: The Complete Series, bringing together all 52 episodes of the program on 8 DVDs… and Hilltown Families has a set to giveaway to one very lucky family! Deadline to enter to win is Tuesday, October 2nd by 7pm (EST). Find out how to win below.


The Magic School Bus (Scholastic) has been capturing children’s imaginations since the first book came out in 1986. Since then, the acclaimed series has sold over 60 million books and spawned a successful animated TV series, which premiered in 1994, with support from The National Science Foundation. Now the longest-running science series to air on television, the star-studded program features the voices of Lily Tomlin, Wynonna Judd, Dolly Parton, Tony Randall and Malcolm-Jamal Warner. Along with the adventurous and energetic Ms. Frizzle and her pet lizard, Liz, the entire class – along with the audience –invites students to explore volcanoes, the inside of the human body and much, much more! www.scholastic.com/magicschoolbus.


Your chance to win The Magic School Bus: The Complete Series DVD collection ($79.95 value) is as easy as 1-2-3(4)!  To enter to win simply:

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  • FULL NAME (first/last);
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  • ACCURATE EMAIL (we never share your email address);
  • From our favorite entries (so make them good!) we’ll randomly draw a winner and will share the results below.

IT’S THAT SIMPLE! — Deadline to enter to win is Tuesday, October 2nd by 7pm (EST).

18 Comments on “DVD Giveaway: The Complete Series of The Magic School Bus

  1. Congratulations to:

    Susan Clark of Charlemont, MA!

    Susan has won The Magic School Bus: The Complete Series DVD collection and should contact us at hilltownfamilies@gmail.com for details on how receive this collection.

    Thank you to everyone who entered to win and all the great questions, many of which we’ll post on the Hilltown Families Facebook page for comments.

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