Northern Berkshire Youth Mentoring Program Seeks Youth Mentors and Volunteers

Everyone Has Something of Value to Share With a Young Person

Likely you or someone you know has been inspired by a mentor…or by being one. Through mentoring, young people are brought together with caring adults who, along with family, offer guidance, support, and encouragement, nurture social, emotional and problem solving skills, and serve as a role model and advocate. Mentoring definitely makes a big difference, helping school-aged youth stay in school, reduce alcohol and substance abuse, improve self-esteem, academic skills and relationships and find new resources that they might not have found on their own. The time and attention of reliable, patient and dedicated mentors support youth through the most pivotal and challenging times in their lives.

Northern Berkshire Youth Mentoring Program is part of Child Care of the Berkshire’s Family Support Program, working to strengthen our village of enriching community relationships and support services for youth and their families. Our Youth Mentoring Program focuses on building dynamic mentoring relationships in 1:1 and small group settings to expand youths’ interests, joys, strengths and possibilities for the future.

Our Youth Mentoring Program is currently accepting requests for Mentors from youth, ages 8-14, and their families. We are also carefully interviewing kind, dedicated adult volunteers whose experiences, interests, and knowledge will enrich the life of a child. Either in or outside the classroom at local schools, youth or community centers, dedicated community members can volunteer 1-2 hours a week participating in multiple, fun and interesting activities, while receiving ongoing training and support along the way.

If you are interested in joining our village and making a difference in a child’s life…and yours, please call 413-663-6593, or find us on Facebook at North Berkshire Youth Mentoring Program.

– Rachelle Smith, MSW Youth Mentoring Program Director

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