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“Children are often requested to carry a backpack to daycare or school so that personal items, work and projects can be safely carried to and from home. What should parents look for when making a purchasing decision about their child’s backpack?” Check out Robin McClure’s post, Before You Buy Your Child’s Backpack.

Labor Day weekend marks the return of school for many families! We’ve combed through our archives of questions we’ve asked our readers over the years that relate to this time of year and wanted to share a few gems that generated helpful community recommendations and suggestions that families with children going back-to-school (or just starting school!) can use.

Be sure to check out our weekly post, Learn Local. Play Local. for weekly highlights of educational opportunities in the region students can participate in to supplement their studies in school and at home.  We highlight many different types of place-based educational events, raging from local history to culinary arts, geology to nature science.

The most recent question was last week when we asked how Western MA families make wise purchases for back-to-school clothes:

Wonder what to do with those hand-me-downs from last year, especially old clothing that is ripped, stained or otherwise unable to donate/wear?

Look for that back-to-school hair cut?

PB&J. Cheese stick. Yogurt. – (Snore!) – Here are a few fresh, creative idea for back-to-school, lunch toting kids:

Once in school, kids often bring home colds and flu. Here are community recommended home remedies for beating and treating your kids sniffles and fevers:

Looking for a new pediatrician to care for your child when they come home from school with strep throat or in need for their yearly physical or vaccinations?

What about lice? How can you prevent your kids from getting lice from their classmates? What do you do if they do get it?

Pizza is great for sleepovers, Friday night family dinner, or before/after high school sports. Here are some great places to get pizza after school (or anytime!):

Other helpful Q&A posts:

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