Senior Life History Project Brings Together Elders and Western MA Youth

South Berkshire Community Coalition Offers Intergenerational Community Connections

Working together,  youth and seniors recreated the life journey of the senior; the culmination of which was a Life History Scrapbook that the senior will share with his/her friends and family. The Senior Life History Project is also an opportunity for social interaction between the elders and young people, engaging in fun activities such as: crafting, build a birdhouse, or play games.

The South Berkshire Community Coalition is offering students and seniors a unique intergenerational community learning project call the Senior Life History Project. This program pairs youth with seniors to help create a life history scrapbook of the elder’s experiences.  Throughout the project, youth will help seniors to transcribe, photograph, and create sound, video, etc. to tell the story of their life.  Final products are not limited to book format – the term “scrapbook” is used as a suggestion of a potential outcome, but the project leaves much space for students to experiment with multimedia presentations, online forms of information sharing, and other non-traditional “scrapbook” formats.

The project also allows much space for sharing of information and skills across generations.  Throughout the development of each senior’s life history scrapbook, youth will get to hear firsthand accounts of life during pivotal moments in American history, learn about local history and changes within their community, and discover the many life experiences of their project partner.  

Similarly, participating elders will develop a new and meaningful mentor-style relationship and have their experiences both validated and valued.  The project can help both youth and seniors deepen their knowledge of technology and multimedia computer programs, as well.  For more information, contact Shelley Brooks at the South Berkshire Community Coalition at 413-528-1919 ex 14.

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