12 Places/Instructors for Kids to Take Piano Lessons in Western MA

Recommend a place/instructor in Western MA for kids to take piano lessons:

  • Marya Kozik LaRoche recommends, “Kate Fitzroy Staebler in Pittsfield!”
  • Sarajane Daniels recommends, “Celia’s Voice Studio (Northampton, MA) gives voice and piano lessons. Wonderful!”
  • Emily Clarke Whitney recommends, “Leea Snape at Second Congregational Church in Greenfield. She is great!”
  • Christine Giampietro Bruhn recommends, “‎Northampton Community Music Center.”
  • Jillian Hanson recommends, “Sarah Elston in Haydenville!”
  • Doug Martin recommends, “Barbara Goodchild in Shelburne. She uses the Simply Music system which is great.”
  • Denise Bickford Banister recommends, “Sylvia Tardiff is in the business listings in the phone book. She is located at 140 Pine Street in Florence. Also – I think Bethany Ouimet – lives on River Road in Williamsburg.”
  • Amy Kane-Coyne recommends, “Margaret don Diego in Worthington, Lindsey Hill Road. She does lessons at her home.”
  • Marie Hackworth McCourt recommends, “Sharon Bail in Granby does lessons in her home – very reasonable!”
  • Jane Stephenson recommends, “Carrie Ferguson is an amazing piano instructor in Northampton.”
  • Mindi Palmer Fried recommends, “Jeff Olmsted in Northampton. He teaches Simply Music – very cool stuff.”

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4 Comments on “12 Places/Instructors for Kids to Take Piano Lessons in Western MA

  1. We have a new music school in Orange, MA called Millers River Music. They offer piano for kids and have flexible payment options.

  2. My young daughter takes suzuki piano lessons from Elizabeth Haymaker in Northampton. We love lessons with her!

  3. Zack Danziger in Sunderland…keeps kids having fun and on their toes! Uses a modern approach, combines piano, guitar, and performance skills. zackdanziger.com

  4. Denese Gurley teaches piano in Colrain and she’s fantastic for both children and adults.

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