Pioneer Valley Transition Towns Film Festival Seeks Submissions

Pioneer Valley Transition Towns Film Festival
Call for Films

Transition Film Festival

Local area cable access centers in the upper Pioneer Valley are co-sponsoring and can help with equipment and training.

Western Massachusetts is home to many towns in which there is an incredibly strong sense of community – it has helped to shape the culture of the area for generations!  The Pioneer Valley Institute and Pioneer Valley Transition Towns are sponsoring a film festival this fall – made up entirely of local films created by community members that address the idea of community resilience despite the unknown future that we face.

The festival will take place on October 16th, 2012, and community members are encouraged to create their own short films to submit.  Families, teens, and adults can all participate!  All that’s required is a locally made film about building community resilience in an uncertain future.  Younger kiddos can work with older family members to piece together their ideas about community resiliency, then get help executing their work.  Teens can use the festival as an opportunity to learn about and have a hands-on experience with filmmaking – perhaps a new software or type of camera can be learned in the process! Submissions to the festival must be submitted by September 28th.  For more information and an application, visit

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