Documentary on the History of Traveling the Mohawk Trail by Berkshire Students

Tales from the Trail:
Four Centuries of Travels Along the Mohawk Trail

By Gabriel Abbott Memorial School Students
(Florida, MA)

The Mohawk Trail has been an important transportation route to communities across the northwestern part of Massachusetts for hundreds of years.  Though the types of vehicles used for transportation and the purpose of transportation have changed, the Mohawk Trail remains an important route through the Western Massachusetts.

Students from Gabriel Abbott Memorial School in Florida, MA conducted a year-long study of the history of the Mohawk Trail, and their work has been made into a full-length documentary!  Students in grades 4-7 worked to conduct interviews with community members (featured in the film) and used primary and secondary resources to piece together the story of the Mohawk Trail’s role in the community throughout its history.

Titled, “Tales from the Trail: Four Centuries of Travels Along the Mohawk Trail,” the film is a full 90-minutes long, and is available for viewing at Watch it as a family to learn about Western MA history, the advancement of transportation, and the gradual changes in culture that the area has seen.

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