3 Podcasts for the Summer

Hilltown Family Variety Show
Summer Shows

Looking for some summer music that’s both family friendly and commercial-free to play this weekend at home or during your 4th of July parties?  The Hilltown Family Variety Show has 5 years of archived podcasts for you to choose from!

This weekend tune into our Summer Essential Episode with summer songs by Lisa Loeb (“Ready for the Summer”), Dog on Fleas (“Green Grass of Summer”), Randy Kaplan (“Mosquito Song”) and a fun story by Bill Harley (“King of the Clams”).

Another fun summer show from the archives is our Ice Cream & Lemonade Stands Episode.  Songs by artists like Telephone Company (“I-C-E C-R-E-A-M”), Michael Hearst (“Ice Cream!”), Gunnar Madsen (“Selling Lemonade”),  Ralph Covert (“Happy Lemons”) and Peter Himmelman (“Lemonade Stand”) are strung together giving us a show that celebrates these cool and refreshing summer treats.

Another fun show for all those budding entomologist is our Insects & Spiders Episode. Steve Weeks “Yellowjacket,” Joe McDermott “Spider Magic,” The Harmonica Pocket’s “Firefly” are just a few songs we feature on insects and spiders (and frogs & toads too!).

Check our archives for fun shows & guest DJs too!

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