I Spy Nature Science: Citizen Scientists Wanted


Wildlife at the Chesterfield Gorge in Chesterfield, MA. (Photo credit: Tony(a) Lemos)

How many different types of creatures has your family seen crawling, flying, and climbing around a local park, the beach, or your own back yard lately?  Identifying critters is a fun way for kids to learn about their environment, and beginning to document them can help scientists with wildlife research initiatives!

Using SciSpy, families can capture photos of all of the birds, insects, and four-legged fuzzies found in their neighborhood and submit them for use in scientific studies!  By adding your documentations to the SciSpy database, you help to provide information on species populations, locations, and more to studies of many different types of species, environmental changes, etc.  Photos can be submitted via an account, set up using an e-mail address or Facebook account, or, alternately, a SciSpy app can be downloaded to an iPhone for quick and easy submissions.  Using the app can help families learn to identify animal species, learn about local habitats and species populations, and learn about what it means to be an environmental scientist!

Find out more at  scispy.discovery.com.

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