Rachel’s Table Gleaning Project

Community Service: Gleaning with Rachel’s Table

Rachel’s Table brings young volunteers into the fields where they can harvest surplus produce from local farms and bring it directly to our agencies. In addition to feeding the hungry, the Gleaning Project educates the community about hunger, food security, and agriculture.

When food is grown, often a significant amount is left behind in fields after the harvest.  Families can help to harvest food and contribute to local efforts to combat hunger by volunteering with Rachel’s Table Gleaning Project!  The project organizes community members to visit local farms and glean fields once farmers have finished their harvest.

Over the past five years, Rachel’s Table has offered over $100,000 worth of gleaned produce to local families dealing with food insecurity.  Gleaning trips include not only harvesting, but a session with an educator who helps the group to learn about the importance of their efforts, and how they are helping to care for their environment and their community.

To participate, volunteers must be at least 11 years old.  Gleaning events can be set up for homeschool groups, scout troops, classes, etc., or families can contact the project to find out about upcoming dates and locations for gleans.  For more information, contact Jessica Harwood at 617-599-7711, or by e-mail at jnanharwood@gmail.com.

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