Q&A: 16 Swimming Holes in Western MA


Lake Norwich in Huntington, MA. (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

One of our readers asked about swimming holes in Western MA to take her family to this summer, and while many locals keep their best swimming holes a treasured secret, several of our readers shared some of their favorite, not-so-secret, swimming spots in the region.

  • Aimee Welch Champion recommends: Plainfield Pond in Plainfield, MA.
  • Roberta Fortini-Curran recommends: North Pond in Florida, MA; Windsor Lake in North Adams, MA; Windsor Jambs in Windsor, MA; Onota Lake in Pittsfield, MA; and Margaret Lindley Park in Williamstown, MA.
  • Peter Freisem recommends: Chapel Brook in Ashfield, MA.
  • Kristy Matusiewicz Dyer recommends: Westbrook in Whately, MA.
  • Mary Anne Antonellis recommends: Lake Wyola State Park in Shutesbury, MA.
  • Abbe Laine Schiowitz recommends: Fiske Pond in Wendell, MA; and the covered bridge in Greenfield, MA.
  • Fran Lofland recommends: Skeeterville in Belchertown, MA.
  • Marya Kozik LaRoche recommends: Waterfalls instead of swimming holes.
  • Rebecca Trow Addison recommends: Green River between Greenfield and Colrain, MA.
  • Cheryl Svoboda Asher recommends: DAR State Forest in Goshen, MA.
  • Sarah Tutun recommends: Tri-town Beach in Whately, MA.
  • Belchertown Family Center recommends: Puffers Pond in Amherst, MA.

Know of a publicly accessible swimming hole in Western MA to recommend to families? Share it below.

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7 Comments on “Q&A: 16 Swimming Holes in Western MA

  1. Is skeeterville swimming hole still a place to go?My aunt went here as a child

  2. 2014: The Lenox Sunny Beach will open officially on Wed. June 25th at noon. Lifeguards will be on duty every day from 10am-4pm. Bathrooms will be locked at 8pm. Please remember NO DOGS at the beach, NO ALCOHOL, and if you plan to kayak, canoe or boating of any kind please use the boat ramp just past the Cork ‘n Hearth. NO CAMPS OR BUSES please. Any questions please contact Kim Graham, Director of the LCC at 413-637-5530.

  3. Great list! Just remember to please take your trash with you. I live near one of these swimming holes, and by August I’m tired of picking up cans, bottles, and diapers. So, please: carry in, carry out, and have a great time!

  4. Musante Beach in Leeds, DAR in Goshen & Hamton Ponds in Westfield. It’s also nice to take a dip in the rivers at Look Park & Mill river that runs from Smith College to behind the high school.

  5. Laurel Lake at Erving State Forest is clean, clear, peaceful and beautiful. Parking is $5

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