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“Depends on the type of date,” writes Lauren Koblara Kostantin. “A group outing like to the movies or mall or someplace, maybe 14? One on one? I’d say 16. That being said, my son is only 3 so I guess things could change in 10 years.”

At what age do you think dating would be appropriate for your child(ren)?

  • Brianna Lamke writes, “35”
  • Ilyza Sarah Earle writes, “LOL, what a question! I second that, 35.”
  • Meg Lefkowitz writes, “Group dates at 14-15, depending in maturity of the kid. Single dates at 16-17, again depending on maturity.”
  • William Cortis writes, “I agree with Meg. Maturity and responsibility play a huge role in the factor.”
  • Kara Kitchen writes, “Group dates or chaperones at 13; 16+ for single dates or in cars driving… But we’ll see in three years if we stick to that, lol! We have twin boys, don’t know if I would say the same w/girls…”
  • Karina B. Heart writes, “So many factors come into play when answering this question. Each scenario is different. I trust my daughter (15), but I also know that things can quickly move beyond her ability to navigate. I have to have met her date and his parents. At her age, “dates” are limited to short intervals in a public place (not movie theaters) where I’m within a few minutes drive and reachable by cell phone. “Hanging out” can happen at home in public areas of the house and never behind closed doors. She hasn’t seriously dated anyone yet. Holding my breath and trusting her good judgment!”
  • Carrie St John writes, “The group dates at 14. 16 for solo dates assuming you meet the other teen first.”
  • Robin Morgan Huntley writes, “I think that it depends a lot on the types of social interactions that a kid has as non-dates – I grew up in a rural area where the only thing I ever did was have.friends sleep over, and I didn’t start “dating” until my potential dates were old enough to drive me (17, in my home state’s case). However, I think that when I have kids, if we live someplace like Northampton where they can walk into town with friends, getting ice cream or coffee as a date would be acceptable at an earlier age (15-16) since it wouldn’t require letting them ride (or drive) with a new, young, and likely nervous driver.”
  • Kristen Handschuh ‎writes, “15/16”
  • Lauren Koblara Kostantin writes, “Depends on the type of date… a group outing like to the movies or mall or someplace, maybe 14? One on one? I’d say 16. That being said, my son is only 3 so I guess things could change in 10 years :)”
  • Karen Dearness writes,“16”
  • Suzanne Hall Howell writes, “I have told my children they are not allowed to date until they get married, and they are not allowed to get married until they are 35… every mother I tell that to, thinks its a great idea, the kids, not so much.”
  • Sonya MacPhail writes, “It depends on the maturity of the child.”
  • Kimberly Kelly writes, “Never! Lol, but 14 with supervision would be acceptable!”
  • Erica Wise writes, “They can date whenever they want, it’s just that what the date consists of and who goes on it with them will change with age. Mom drives until I trust them to drive themselves, I’m thinking maybe sometime after college. ;)”

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  1. Around age 14, and we had a firm rule that no gathering at houses with no parents/guardians – and I’d call the parents.

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