Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair this Weekend in the Hilltowns

MA Sheep & Woolcraft Fair 2012

Families can see sheep dog trials, meet sheep and other animal friends, and take part in workshops on everything from wool felting for kids to knitting fair isle patterns, dyeing wool with Kool-Aid to traditional Navajo uses for animal fibers.

Fibers galore!  The annual Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair takes place this weekend, May 26th & 27th, 2012 at the Cummington Fairgrounds!  This annual event features sheep, of course, as well as other fiber-producing animals, like rabbits and alpacas.  Each day of the event includes exhibits, demonstrations, and workshops for kids, and families can explore and learn about the many different aspects of sheep farming, fiber arts, etc.

Families can learn about local farming and the purpose of non-food producing farms and learn about the cultural significance (and usefulness!) of fiber arts, giving a glimpse into local farm culture!  For more information, visit the fair’s website and schedule at

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  1. Is there a cost? I’m searching everywhere and noone seems to have published whether its free or what the cost is. Thanks.

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