Q&A: Family Summer Camps in New England


One of our readers is looking for family summer camp recommendations in New England. They are looking for an opportunity for the whole family to participate in together. Any suggestions?

  • Kate McCarthy Roy recommends:Camp Jewell YMCA family camp in CT…supposed to be great!”
  • Carolyn Toll Oppenheim recommends: “‎World Fellowship Center (NH) is one place. There is another newer one in Vermont.”
  • Jill Nowak Wheat recommends:Pinewoods Music & Dance Camp has a family week in Plymouth, MA.”
  • Laura Lucchesi recommends: “Thinking about this I have to say when my kids were young one of the best places we went to was Blue Water Manor on Lake George (NY)! It has one price to include your meals. Activities , history, Adirondack fresh air, and of course the lake. You can take their row boats out or rent a motor boat. They have great adult entertainment in their lake side stone tavern. And family camp fires. The list goes on. You can find them on their website. I promise you will love the whole area and it’s history. Shopping and fun in the sun! – Another thing we did was rent a trailer and went to a great campground in Rhode Island. Woke up everyday on the ocean. Cooked outdoors went fishing and our camp ground was loaded with family activities. We clammed and fished and cooked on an open fire!”
  • Katryna Nields recommends: “The Nields are running a family music camp week at Kripalu (Lenox, MA) the week of July 4th. It will be super fun. Lots of singing in harmony, a little making of our own instruments, a fabulous trip to Tanglewood to see and hear James Taylor on the 4th. Oh yes, and fireworks too!”
  • Tonya Lemos recommends: “Becket-‎Chimney Corners YMCA in Becket MA run several Family Camps and Family Weekends that are a blast!”
  • Swansea Benham Bleicher recommends:Maine Fiddle Camp if they are musical. Multi-generational, great food, all outdoors, many instruments, swimming in the afternoons.”

Check out the Hilltown Families Summer Camp & Program resource page for additional summer camp opportunities for kids in Western MA.

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