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Follow Me on PinterestDo you ever feel overwhelmed trying to organize and keep track of the many pages, ideas, and articles found online that you’d like to read, learn from, or share with your kids? Pinterest, a content sharing website, can help! Pinterest works like a virtual bulletin board – you can create as many boards as you want, organized in whichever way suits you – and the possibilities are limitless! This is a great way to keep track of vacation ideas, craft projects, recipes, beautiful pictures, kids activities, and many more – and the best part is that people are constantly sharing pictures and information about topics such as education, learning, parenting, children’s literature, and healthy living. You can choose to follow others who share your interests, and gain inspiration from their posts and ideas!

Pinterest can be a great resource for information on endless topics, and is especially useful for families! The format is even kid-friendly – each post is highlighted by a large photo, so even kids who can’t read can help parents find fun things to do or great books to read together.

Hilltown Families is on Pinterest (pinterest.com/hilltwnfamilies) to provide Western MA families with information to browse in a comprehensible way. Some of our boards include Local Events, History, Community Based Education, Reading Lists, and Health & Wellness – among many others. If you’re looking for a project to do with your kids, check out our Arts & Crafts board. If you’re trying to find ways to help out the local community, browse our Family Volunteering board. If you’re interested in discovering nature in Western MA, peruse our Ecology board. Never has a content sharing website been so easy to use and understand!

The Pinterest community is growing fast, and it’s easy to get connected and share your own ideas or just follow other boards! Check out the Hilltown Families Pinterest site today for information about what’s going on in Western MA!

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