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Nature Bingo & Scavenger Hunts

Last winter we ask our readers what their favorite snowy day activities were.  One recommendation was to play outdoor bingo with Mass Audubon’s Winter Walk Bingo Cards!  In addition to winter bingo, they also have bingo cards for spring!

This spring take your kids out into nature and go on a hunt for moss on a log, a tail marker, signs of a woodpecker, fiddleheads, spider webs, and even smells and sounds of spring.   Download their Spring Walk Bingo Cards to get started. There are four different versions so a group of four can play together! This is a fun activity to get the family outside, observing their surroundings and engaging their senses.

A few years ago Hilltown Families Contributing Writer, Tony(a) Lemos, wrote about Nature Scavenger Hunts, sharing a sample list families could search for getting outdoors and observing their surrounding… or to use to make your own bingo cards!  Here are some ideas of what families might like to look for on their hunts:

  • Find three different tree leaves, seeds or pods
  • Find an insect
  • Find a feather
  • Find a twig shaped like a letter
  • Find a leaf that a bug has nibbled
  • Find something that has decomposed
  • Find something that is no longer living
  • Find something that was never alive
  • Find two different kinds of tree bark

She also shared ideas on themed scavenger hunts, a simpler method for younger children, along with urban scavenger hunts and recycle scavenger hunts.

Discover additional outdoor activities for kids and families with MassAudubon’s Young Explores.  They have several programs families can enjoy together, including Quests, Discovery Booklets, and recommendations on hands-on activities families and groups can participate in any time of the year!

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Updated: 3/22/19


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