Q&A: What Can’t You Let Go Of?


Can't bring yourself to get rid of your children's growing collection of 3D arts & crafts? Take a photo to preserve the memory! (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

It’s time for spring cleaning! As your kids grow up & outgrow, what are you finding you just can’t bring yourself to let go of?

  • Laura LeClair writes, “The slings. At this point (my son is 12), I know I am keeping them forever.”
  • Diane Hinze Kanzler writes, “The Ergo carrier. I’m keeping it. I figure if a baby ever falls out of the sky and lands in my lap, I’m prepared.”
  • Pauline Renee writes, “We finally sold our Toddlerhawk when my son was about 4, and I have to tell you that not more than a few months ago I was thinking I would have used it if I’d had it. He’ll be 5 in April. LOL. I love how all 3 responses have been about carriers!”
  • Sienna Wildfield writes, “Art work is a hard one for us to let go of! We have a hefty collection of art work from the past 9 years; from simple scribbles on scrap paper to pinched pots from camp. One bit of advice I was given to manage 3D art was to take a photo of all those abstract clay sculptures and paper towel critters to place in a scrap book. Easier to manage!”
  • Pauline Renee writes, “Oh goodness yes! Artwork. Ack!”

2 Comments on “Q&A: What Can’t You Let Go Of?

  1. My kids are 31 and 25 and I still have all their sculptures to enjoy.

  2. Dream puppy,angel bunny,blankly and puff a lump. My kids are 27 and 28…..I gave dream puppy to my son as he has had his own child but my daughters still sit behind my bedroom end table……I would rather give away my mercedes than these items”…….my spring cleaning is dusting them off

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