3 Wishes Writing Contest for Elementary Kids

Three Wishes Writing Contest

South Hadley's independent book store, Odyssey Bookshop, hosts their annual creative writing contest for kids ages 5-11years old. Deadline to enter: April 11, 2012.

If your child had three wishes, what would their wishes be and where would they take them?  The Odyssey Bookshop’s annual children’s creative writing contest’s theme this year is “Wishes” – kids ages 5-11 years old can enter by writing a story or essay addressing their three wishes.

The contest’s goal is to get kids to practice writing creatively and to learn to articulate their thoughts and express themselves freely.  Essays can be submitted in either English or Spanish, and kids are welcome to include their own illustrations.  There are prizes available for each grade/age range, and there are special prizes for the best Spanish story and the best original illustration.

Kids ages 8-11/grades 3-5 should type their stories (a great opportunity to learn about word processing!), but kids ages 6-8/grades 1-2 are encouraged to practice their best handwriting for their submission.

The deadline to enter is April 11th – so get writing!  For more information, visit the Odyssey Bookshop’s website at www.odysseybks.com.

[Photo credit: (ccl) Allan Foster]

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