KidVid 2012: Kids Music Video Tournament (Round 2/Day 2)

KidVid 2012
Kids Music Video Tournament

Vote for your favorite of two video by the end of the day (10pm EST).

Thank you to everyone who voted last week in Round 1 of the KidVid Tournament 2012 on Hilltown Families! This week we’re entering Round 2 and all of our co-hosts will be pairing up the winners from last week for folks to vote on.

Again, here’s what we want you to do… VOTE!  Out of the two video below, tell us which one is your favorite and the winner will move on to Round 3.  Then check in with all the other co-hosts of KidVid 2012 to vote on all the other videos in the tournament every day this week, including Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, Zooglobble, Gooney Bird Kids, Out With The Kids, Ages 3 and Up!, Dadnabbit, and Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl! – Enjoy!

First up is “Do You Wanna Know My New Dance Step” by Dog on Fleas:

Next up, “Everybody Sing” by Imagination Movers:

Vote for your favorite by the end of the day.
Poll closes at 10pm (EST).

15 Comments on “KidVid 2012: Kids Music Video Tournament (Round 2/Day 2)

  1. My two boys love everybody sing by the imagination movers. Movers Rock! Let the music play, yeah you gotta join in with this groove!

  2. It was a close one!

    “Everybody Sing” by Imagination Movers got 51.08% of the votes, leaving “Do You Wanna Know My New Dance Step” by Dog on Fleas with 48.92% of the votes.

  3. La,la,la,la,la,la!

  4. Wow tuff choice (have my 1 year old in my lap) we’er BIG mover fans here. But she liked dog on flees too. Anyway, had to vote for the boys in blue, as I blast thier music in my car loudly and proudly hehe

  5. Everybody Sing! Such a fun video – smile every time I see it

  6. I love the Dog on Fleas Video!! so original and fun!

  7. Fun and fab video by Dog on Fleas – where were these cool songs when I was a kid???

  8. Wow, Dog on Fleas has a really good video there! Very creative. The best kids’ songs are the ones that are inspired by them ;-)

  9. I tried to give Dog on Fleas a fighting chance, but I guess I’m just a prude. I was immediately turned off by the fact that they had little girls wearing flapper dresses. I have a 7yo and a 5yo girl and I would NEVER let them dress like that. I think it’s terribly inappropriate. I liked the sound of the music at the beginning before the kids were talking but once they got to the actual song I just really didn’t care for the singer’s voice at all. I listened for as long as I could and then had to stop it because I just really didn’t like it. Sorry.

  10. Still the Movers for me, but I’m learning some cool new kids bands from this contest!

  11. That Dog on Fleas video is one of the best kids’ music videos I have ever seen! Bravo!

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