Q&A: Fencing Lessons in Western MA


One of our readers is looking for fencing lessons for her child. Any recommendations?

  • Jen Hartley writes, “A friend of mine recommended this: www.swordclass.com [Hadley].”
  • Christy Patrick writes, “Pioneer Valley Fencing Academy in Easthampton on Cottage St.”
  • Carrie Cranston writes, “Riverside Fencing in Hadley.”
  • Shoshona King writes, “[Sword Class] in Hadley. Right on Route 7 by the mini-golf.”
  • Karen O’Connell Leet writes,”[Pioneer Valley Fencing Academy] They have a youth class for kids as young as 7.”

[Photo credit: (ccl) Dindin Lagdameo]

3 Comments on “Q&A: Fencing Lessons in Western MA

  1. My kids LOVE sword class. Thomas also offers an hour-long class in Shelburne Falls on Tuesdays after school. (It’s not currently listed on his website, so you’ll have to contact him directly for the details)

  2. We live in Greenfield and my son goes to Sword Class in Hadley twice a week. He loves it. In addition to fencing they play really creative roleplaying games. It’s definitely worth the drive.

  3. Anyone know of anything futther north (I’m in Greenfield)?

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