Q&A: Where to Find Maternity Clothes in Western MA


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One of our readers, an expecting mother, is looking for places in Western MA to find maternity clothes. Any recommendations?

  • Ilyza Sarah Earle recommends:Hens & Chicks in Greenfield of course!”
  • Nancyjo Craig Rongner recommends: “Savers in West Springfield.”
  • Judy Bennett recommends: “Hens & Chicks in Greenfield carries consignment clothes for women and kids, including maternity.”
  • Jennifer Shiao Page recommends: “Salvation Army in Hadley. Second Chances in Amherst. Kids Kloset in Northampton. Many of my favorite maternity items were in fact *not* maternity clothes. I had two turtlenecks made of stretchy fabric, and with gathers along the side seams. Long blowy cardigan-style sweaters that you don’t have to close in front. TJ Maxx and Marshalls!”
  • Amber Shutt recommends:Kidstuff in Florence also has maternity clothes!!”
  • Mary Mayshark-Stavely recommends: “There is a consignment shop in Northfield that has a lot of things.”
  • Kaci Ruh recommends: “They carry some gently used maternity clothes at Kidstuff in Florence.”
  • Meg Lefkowitz recommends: “There is Motherhood in the Holyoke Mall. Burlington Coat Factory in that mall also has a selection.”
  • Deanne Forgea-Calvert recommends: “Gently used at Hens & Chicks in Greenfield.”
  • Marianne Bullock recommends: “Hens & Chicks.”
  • Marissa Tenenbaum Potter recommends: “And in Northampton Kids Kloset.”
  • Jaime Mailloux recommends: “Another place for gently used maternity clothes is the Kids Kloset in downtown Northampton. For new clothes, there is Motherhood Maternity (Holyoke Mall) and there are small sections in most stores (sometimes hard to find) such as JCPenny and Kohls.”
  • Karen Jaiclin recommends: “Old Navy had some affordable stuff (simple basics), but I think the Holyoke Mall one stopped carrying maternity- grr. Call to check, there may be maternity in Enfield? Or order online- I had good luck with that. Including swimsuits!”
  • Alyssa Pratt-Miranda recommends: “H&M has a small selection. There’s also The Gap and Target. If she’s open to used clothes, try Craigslist or Easthampton Mamas and post there. I had a lot of luck finding hand-me-downs!”
  • Melanie Courtemanche recommends: “The only Old Navy that carries maternity near here is South Windsor, CT.”
  • Sandra Dias recommends: “The Kid’s Kloset in the Maplewood Shops in Northampton has maternity clothes on consignment.”
  • Vicky George-Weimer recommends: “Motherhood at the Holyoke Mall, if it’s still there. Burlington Coat Factory has some decent stuff.”
  • Sandy Bailey recommends: “Hens & Chicks in Greenfield.”

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  1. The Target in Hadley (Russell st./route 9) has a good selection of nursing bras and nursing tanks.

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