Online Science Fair For Teens

Everyone has a question. What’s yours?
Google Science Fair 2012

Calling all curious kids!  Google is hosting their own science fair for kids ages 13-18!  Students who enter are asked to develop a project based on a question of their own, then design a website giving information about the project and create a video or taped presentation about their work!  Kids can enter alone or in groups of two or three.  The contest is just like a regular science fair, except that kids will be presenting their work online instead of in person.  The deadline is April 1st, meaning students have just over a month to develop their question, do research, and find concluding information.  Students can pursue any question they want, so long as they’ve developed it themselves!  The science fair provides kids a way to exercise creativity within the realm of science- an opportunity that isn’t often provided within a traditional educational experience.  Kids will learn to ask and answer their own questions, set goals, and carry out independent work and research.

Check out Lauren Hodge of Pennsylvania, who was inspired by dinner with her family to ask questions and develop a project for the Google Science Fair last year… and won!

To learn more about the contest, visit

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