Q&A: Kids Got Lice? What to Do!


“Nothing convinces kids to wash / treat their hair regularly and not share hair brushes etc. than the threat of being shaved bald,” writes Joshua Diamond.

One of our readers recently wrote about her concerns around LICE. Any ideas on how to prevent lice and/or how to treat it? Share your experiences, suggestions and resources!

  • Ann Dawson Saalfrank writes, “Hair spray.  Spray under the hair and on the sides. Lice like it warm so that is where they go and they can not stick to the hair spray.”
  • Shannon Madden writes,Fairy Tales Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioning Spray. Knock on wood my kids have never had them and I think Fairy Tales is why.”
  • Amy Meltzer writes, “My takeaway from the whole lice sage is the Nix Lice Treatment and RID Lice don’t work. If we had an expensive “lice lady” in town, I would hire her in a heartbeat next time we get lice, even if I had to take a second mortgage on the house….”
  • Maxwell Alexander writes, “Ditto on the Fairy Tales!”
  • Crissy Halloran writes, “Prevention = tea tree oil along the hairline.”
  • Joshua Diamond writes, “Nothing convinces kids to wash / treat their hair regularly and not share hair brushes etc. than the threat of being shaved bald. All it takes is one kid in the school every couple of years, and the story spreads…”
  • Amanda Kingsley writes, “I condition my kids hair with tea tree conditioner when I know it’s around and I try to keep long hair back. We’ve been lucky, so far.”
  • Susan Lillie Robert writes, “Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo as this prevents head lice.”
  • Li Dolan writes, “Other strong scented essential oils such as rosemary or eucalyptus will work just as well as tea tree with out the toxicity. It is the scent that repels them. As for treatment, I have had good results with the cetaphil treatments and The Lice Program combing regimen.  My favorite comb for doing my daughter’s hair is the Terminator Comb. I have to do my own hair though and find that any metal toothed comb works well.

For more resources on the topic of lice, here’s a Pintrest board with pictures and videos.

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  1. After a particularly bad infestation of the entire family this past fall, we were nit-free after an intial treatment with LiceMD (chemical-free), daily comb-throughs with nitcombs and a flashlight (you have to focus on getting rid of the eggs), and lots of laundering. We also used a mayonnaise treatment during the second week, which is great for long, thick, curly hair like mine: coat the hair with lots of mayo and cover the head with a hat for at least an hour, though longer is better, then comb with a nit comb and wash with shampoo. The mayo will heat up under the hat, and become real oily, essentially suffocating live lice, and making the eggs slide off the hair alot easier.

  2. My son has never had lice, despite there being several outbreaks at his school and with the neighbourhood kids. I have always done a couple of sprays of Apinol (pine oil) on his hair before he went out to play or off to school. He is 8 1/2, and like I said, he’s NEVER had lice! http://www.apinol.com/

  3. I know a professional lice remover. . .and she’s absolutely amazing. If anyone wants her contact info, just email me directly (sharonitzky(at)comcast(dot)net), and I’ll send it to you.

  4. There are many essential oils that prevent lice. When my kids actually contracted lice, years ago, I saturated with olive oil and essential oil blend, combed and repeated the following night. All gone :) My daughter had so much hair, I became quite good at it, and we had 2 scares that summer. I did the kids’ friends and neighbors who had it too!

    FYI: One thing about fairy tales shampoo is that for the most part, the ingredients are clean but it contains small amounts of ingredients which are not the cleanest including fragrance, according to the skindeep.org database. (you can look up each ingredient) Essential oils can pull any of these ingredients into the body’s cells- which is good if the ingredients are therapeutic like coconut oil, for example but not so good if there are any chemicals in the product. I use oils diluted with clean edible veg. and nut oils or spray with water.

  5. We spray lice shield – which is like fairytales – on our daughter’s hair, especially around the ears and under the hair. I use the terminator comb as well. I have done tea tree oil as well, but my daughter cannot stand the scent. I try to comb her hair once a week in the bath. I also need to check once a week so as not to get burned by this.

    Is there a lice remover professional in the area? If not, here is a great economic opportunity for someone. We need you!!

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