Q&A: Where to Dine in Western MA for Valentine’s Day with Your Family


Erin Burke Murphy writes, “Can anyone recommend some restaurants my Husband and I could go to with our 20 month old for an early delicious Valentine’s Day dinner?”

  • Matt Grillo recommends:Bertucci’s (Amherst, Longmeadow & West Springfield) is very family-friendly, inexpensive and tasty. ♥”
  • Lori Shine recommends: “The Apollo Grill in Easthampton! Especially on the early side (5:30pm) they are usually not that busy, staff is super kid-friendly, their menu has a luxurious side and less expensive options too. Not to mention if the 20-month-old needs a break from her seat, one of the parents can let her run in Eastworks‘ long hallways for a few minutes! Hands down our favorite restaurant for family dining! p.s. the food is fantastic.”
  • Ron Frost Wright recommends: “There’s always Four Main Street Bar and Grill in Huntington if your looking for a quiet atmosphere or the Russell Inn in Russell, MA.”
  • Kathy McDonnell Elsea recommends: “I’m with Lori… Apollo Grill… Roberto’s Restaurant (Northampton) is yummy too.”
  • Kara Kitchen recommends:Pizzeria Paradisio in Northampton, The Brewmaster’s Tavern in Williamsburg, Hope and Olive in Greenfield… I heard Chandler’s Restaurant (South Deerfield) is very nice for Valentine’s Day…and the little one would love a trip through Yankee Candle. Maybe Magic Wings before hand to really make it special-butterflies+flowers are a perfect celebration of love!”
  • Judy Bennett recommends:People’s Pint in Greenfield is kid friendly with great food & beer.”
  • Sandra Dias recommends: “Roberto’s Restaurant in Northampton is very family-friendly.”
  • Melanie Courtemanche recommends:Judie’s Restaurant in Amherst.”
  • Rebecca Trow Addison recommends: “I will add that while it’s not romantic at all .. the Route 9 Diner in Hadley is family friendly and on Tuesdays kids eat free. Valentines’ Day happens to fall on a Tuesday so… if kids ask nicely the cashier will let them pick a toy out from a bin tucked under the cashier’s desk when the family leaves. Plus of course the kids menus are made for coloring and doing activities etc… On nights other than Tuesdays the prices are reasonable. Kid’s pancake is about $2, burgers and other items a few bucks more. Great place!”
  • Erin Burke Murphy writes, “Great suggestions! Thanks everyone, I’ll let you know where we end up.”

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  1. Paul and Elizabeth’s in Northampton has a great kids menu (and great food in general). I’ve never been there with kids, but I’ve seen tons of families there and the atmosphere is pretty relaxed.

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