Historic Village Offers 4 Hands-On Classes in West Springfield

Storrowton Village Museum Offers Unique Historic Programs During Winter School Vacation Week

Storrowton Village Museum, an educational arm of Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, MA, presents hands-on school programs and guided tours of its historic buildings throughout the year as well as seasonal 19th century-themed events.

This year, in order to accommodate the changes made to public school vacation schedules, Storrowton Village’s February break programming will take place alongside special programs designed for students who do not have vacation during the week of February 21st-24th.

The historic village, located in West Springfield at the Big E, hosts four different classes, each of which offers hands-on learning experiences.  In “Little Red Schoolhouse,” kids will learn what a day at school during the 19th century would have been like (think quill pens!).  The, “Look Back” program teaches about the different roles for girls and boys in daily tasks like cooking and blacksmithing.  There is also a Storrowton sampler program that offers a look into many different aspects of 19th century living.  The village’s normal vacation program, “A Day Away in the Past,” will be available for students as it normally is during school vacation.  This program gives kids the chance to dress in period clothing and to do early American crafts such as candle dipping, 19th century games, and blacksmithing.  For prices and more information, or to register for the programs, call 413-205-5051 or TheBigE.com/sv.

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