Q&A: 14 Recommended Websites by Western MA Parents


Share your favorite website that helps you best as a Western MA parent!

As a parent, what are your top websites you wouldn’t want to live without?

  • Harmony Niedzwiecki writes: “AllRecipes.com
  • Amanda Kingsley writes: “Am I allowed to say Facebook? It keeps me connected both to friends who can relate to my life with a family, and friends who I would otherwise hardly have time to communicate with. It’ s great way to stay informed and connect with other adults during days that could otherwise be consumed with the constant demands of children’s needs.”
  • Tara J. Bernier writes: “Pinterest is my new addiction.”
  • Danielle Currie writes: “‎#1- Facebook. It’s the only place I don’t have to be in “mom” mode. #2- BerkshireCountyReuseIt. Best place for hand-me-downs and trade-ins! #3- Snapfish. The cheapest place to buy all my photos! #4- Netflix. Family movie nights! #5- ehow.com.  Great place to learn anything!”
  • Deb Fiori writes: “My favorite would be HilltownFamilies.org!”
  • Kara Kitchen ‎writes: “1.) HilltownFamilies.org, for things to do, people to see, places to go WITH our kids. 2). Google, for all those questions kid ask and the homework we parents don’t understand. 3). Facebook, for staying connected to far away family, networking with other parents, sharing a good laugh and having at least one “adult” (albeit probably juvenile in nature ) conversation a day. 4.) Some sort of photo service, for documenting those little milestones. 5.) Favorite travel reservation website, to get away with and without the kids.”
  • Jennifer Shiao writes:Facebook, AllRecipes, HilltownFamilies, KellyMom, and Picasa.”
  • Judy Bennett writes:AskMoxie, BabyCheapskate, Google, Flickr and Hilltown Families.

[Photo credit: (ccl) Kannan Kartha]

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