Q&A: Where to Enjoy Hot Chocolate in Western MA


Hilltown Families readers share their favorite places to enjoy a delicious mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter's day in Western MA. Share your favorite place too!

Where can a family enjoy a delicious mug of HOT CHOCOLATE following winter adventures ice skating, skiing, snowshoeing, sledding or just traveling around town? Share your favorite Western MA spot to stop with the kids for a warm mug of cocoa!

  • Craig Fear recommends: “Cup & Top Cafe in Florence is a great family oriented place.”
  • Sara Barry recommends: “Well, if we have snow, sometimes we like to bring the camp stove and melt snow to make cocoa. Not necessarily the best cocoa, but fun.”
  • Jeff Winston recommends:Haymarket (Northampton) is D-lish.”
  • Meagheanne Donahue recommends: “Not sure if they still do it, but the Old Creamery (Cummington) used to make french hot chocolate that was to die for!!! Chocolate Springs in Lenox is great, too.”
  • Stacy Calabretta recommends: “Yes! The Creamery does, indeed, still have the amazing hot chocolate! That and Woodstar (Northampton) are probably my top two. Chocolate Springs (Lenox) is so yummy too… Ok that’s my top three.”
  • Cultural Pittsfield recommends: “Pancho’s in downtown Pittsfield serves MEXICAN hot chocolate. Delish!”
  • Dawn Klein recommends:Chocolate Springs in Lenox.”
  • Kathleen Theoharides recommends: “The hot chocolate from Elmer’s in Ashfield is to die for.”
  • Sabine N Merz recommends: ‎”Sip Coffee & Tea Bar (Northampton) has very good hot chocolate as well.”
  • Carrie St John recommends: “Woodstar in Northampton.”
  • Suzanne Crerar recommends: “Chocolate Springs in Lenox has hot chocolate to knock your socks off – just off the trails at Kennedy Park.”

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6 Comments on “Q&A: Where to Enjoy Hot Chocolate in Western MA

  1. Greenfields market has a new recipe and is sooooooooooooo good!

  2. I think Bread Euphoria consistently makes the best hot chocolate around! Elmer’s tends to but it can depend on who is making it – still they are my best down the street choice:) And yes, of course if you are up for a long drive, then Burdick’s is THE place to go.

  3. Essalon in Hadley has a great cup of hot chocolate. They foam up some milk for on top if you ask & it fullfills that ‘something special’ drink.

  4. Believe it or not, Panera Bread has really good hot chocolate. There’s one in Chicopee and West Springfield.
    If anyone is going on vacation to Hershey, PA they have frozen hot chocolate at the Hershey Factory! It smells and tastes just like hot chocolate!

  5. Erin writes: “Took the advice of a previous commenter and went to Woodstar on Monday to try their hot chocolate. It was the best cup I’d ever had! So my vote is Woodstar for sure (and the oatmeal cookies aren’t bad either).”

  6. Sylvester’s has really great hot chocolate. And even though it’s not in Mass, it’s worth the short trip north to Walpole, NH – Burdick’s Chocolate. It’s the best hot chocolate you will ever have. And in the summer, they have iced hot chocolate. Even better. :)

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