A Look Back: Images and Memories of Community Life in Western MA in 2011


Reflect back over 2011… What was your favorite memory of community life in Western MA?

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  • Kerri Simonelli of Haydenville, MA remembers, “So many great things happening in the Valley but one that stands out is recently participating in the Hot Chocolate Run. Being a small part of something so big, such an important fund raiser, running with friends and SO MANY other people, having my family (and everyone else in town!!!) cheering for all of us and running through and around Northampton on a beautiful day for a good cause, such a great, great experience!!!!”
  • Eric Coffman of Putney, VT remembers,“Any show at Shelburne Falls Memorial Hall. I never know who is going to show up but I know that there will be many friendly familiar faces.”
  • Denise Banister of Williamsburg, MA remembers, “The October snowstorm sticks out as an event which brought our community together. I had cooked a turkey supper at the Williamsburg Congregational Church. Twenty-four brave souls came for dinner that night. As I left the church to go home, I could see the candles glowing in the dining room window and knew there were folks in there enjoying the food and companionship. The leftovers went to nourish the fire department members who worked diligently throughout the night… community? That’s what small towns are all about.”
  • Anne Schlereth of Northampton, MA remembers, “I continue to be impressed with how the community comes together for the Safe Passage Hot Chocolate Run. About 5,500 local residents coming out for such a good cause and a fabulously fun morning! It always makes me proud to be from the valley; the 2011 event was no exception!”
  • Tina Howard of Williamsburg, MA remembers, “Community life? Any afternoon or evening at the Meekins Library (Williamsburg, MA).”
  • Christa Pylant of Amherst, MA remembers, “During the Halloween snowstorm this year, our “pocket neighborhood” in North Amherst came together around an open fire to cook, eat, and keep warm for every meal during the six days we were without power. Everyone shared resources during this time in order to make the experience more tolerable for young and old alike. It was a great example of the importance of community.”
  • Candy Laflam of Goshen, MA remembers, “When I reflect on 2011, I am thankful for our adopted son Kaleb who we were blessed with in February. The community support was wonderful. When thinking of the community, I think of Hurricane Irene and how it brought not only our state and towns together as one, but of my neighbors in Goshen and Cummington who helped me, personally out in our time of need. Family and friends are the essence of life.”
  • Gina Wyman of Easthampton, MA remembers, “I loved going to the Easthampton Holiday Stroll. It always gets me in the holiday spirit.”
  • Megan McDonough of Colrain, MA remembers, “Walking the neighborhood after Hurricane Irene and talking with neighbors.”
  • Caitlin Loverin of Pittsfield, MA remembers, “Two of my children are members of the Blanfield Children’s Chorus, which is a Berkshire County community organization (Berkshire Lyric). Their recent holiday concerts have been at several locations across the county, and my children and I have enjoyed hearing the amazing talent from members of all ages.”
  • Andrea Gray of Deerfield, MA remembers, “My husband took an evening Hoote Nanny class for parents. It was a great way to learn to play guitar for the family to enjoy and make friends.”

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  1. How can I thank all of the wonderful people of western Massachusetts enough for their work in helping me re-establish my studio inShelburne Falls. Their generosity was amazing.

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