Literacy Outreach Program: ABC’s of Dr. Seuss

The ABC’s of Dr. Seuss
Springfield Museums Literacy Outreach Program

Usually, museums offer their resources to educational groups just for field trips.  However, the Springfield Museums offer a unique program that brings the museum to you!  The outreach program is called, “The ABC’s of Dr. Seuss,” and is designed to promote literacy in young kids through reading, art, and movement activities.  The program is available for schools, daycare centers, community centers, homeschool groups, etc.  It’s a convenient alternative to field trips, as it saves on transportation costs (and reduces the environmental impact of your class/group!).  A visit from the program could be included in a unit on local history where kids learn about important people from Springfield, then read Dr. Seuss books together!  For more information on the program or to learn how to book a visit, check out The ABCs of Dr. Seuss: Literacy Program at the Springfield Museums.

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