Simplify the Holidays Challenge

Pledge to Simplify the Holidays

Consider gifts that are less gimmicky, less commercial for children, such as arts/crafts supplies to inspire creativity, a magnifying glass for exploring nature, or building blocks to encourage engineering.

Are you shopping for gifts this holiday season? Will you head to the mall for one-stop shopping; or visit Main Street and shop from local merchants; or go handmade at an artisan craft fair? Here’s another option, forgo the material entirely (or at least partially) and give gifts rich in meaning!

The Center for the New American Dream has created a Simplify the Holidays Challenge, where you can pledge to choose simpler, more meaningful ways to express love and gratitude during the holidays. Some of their suggestions are giving the gift of time, offering to teach a skill (cooking, knitting, etc.) to someone, shopping for secondhand items, or saving paper by wrapping gifts in recycled materials. The challenge is great for both kids and adults, and families can do it together! By taking part, kids can learn to find and share the meaning within actions. Check it out at

[Photo credit: (ccl) Tom Patterson]

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